House guest enjoying the new Playroom.

Extreme Makeover: Playroom Edition!

Extreme Makeover: Playroom Edition!

“Yes, toys are just toys-but they’re so much more than that, too. Toys are the central part of children’s play, and to a child, play is very important work. Through play, children experiment with their visions for themselves and others in the world.  So, it’s worth talking seriously about toys, for they have the power to shape children’s dreams and provide a smile when it is needed most.”
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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way! Staff and Donors Come Together to Unload Large Donation

This summer, RMHC received an incredible donation of paper products from Cascades Tissue Group.

After Nate Wright heard about his relative’s positive experience with RMHC, he asked what he could do to help. His family suggested donating paper towels from RMHC’s wish list.  Nate turned to his employer, Cascades Tissue Group, who agreed to donate.  The company was eager to help and emphasized that, “it would have to be by the truck load.” Cascade donated not only paper towel, but toilet tissue and paper napkins as well!  What wonderful news!

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Board Members Featured Image

Board Directors Give Back

This summer, RMHC Board Directors got the opportunity to help prepare and serve a family meal to House Guests.  Mark Ship, Board Director, shares his experience below.

“As a  board director, I was so appreciative of the opportunity for my wife and I to participate with other board directors in preparing and serving a family meal. The parents, grandparents and children we met all had remarkable and heartfelt stories of why they were staying at the Ronald McDonald House. It was nice knowing that for at least a part of their tough day, we were able to provide and show them in some small way how much we care about them and their children. The gratitude in their eyes was as powerful as we know the aches in their hearts must be.”

Mark Ship | Board Director


Tab Toss Day 2015 a Success

Every year, I attend Tab Toss Day and it is amazing.  Seeing hundreds of people who have been collecting and saving tabs all year fill two and a half dumpsters is quite a thrill!  Just imagine how much effort went into that.

So many people coming together: Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, church groups, Harley Riders, the Sheriff’s SWAT Team, all coming year after year, all trying to do something to help families staying at RMHC.

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Sibling Bag-Featured Image

Sibling Bags Bring Smiles to All

My Ronald McDonald House journey began 16 years ago when my mother delivered twins at 24 weeks, each barely weighing one pound. The babies were immediately sent to the Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio while my family checked into the Ronald McDonald House two blocks away.

Looking back, those three months were a blur of a time that my teenage mind could barely even comprehend. As an RMHC sibling, I remember feeling confused, lost, and BORED! Hours, upon hours, were spent at the hospital- many in the NICU waiting room with nothing to do. While I can’t recall all the amenities of the Dayton Ronald McDonald House, I do remember one essential thing that helped set my adolescent mind at ease…

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